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Learning report
Lukas vonk

I am surprised by the amount of work I have produced in the past semester. Never before I have been working on so many projects at the same time. When I reflect on the work ,I did last semester, I notice a number of things.

I experimented with a lot of different mediums and materials. Seven months ago I was convinced that I wanted to become a painter. Now I will contradict this. At the moment I experience with more excitement with other mediums. I started to investiqate different materials. Discovering the effects ,I can achieve by bringing different materials together, brought me pleasure. When I was painting, I found less freedom to do so. I think, concerning this doubts, shows that I am evolving.

I became interested in working with textiles. I had already made some clothes before, but now I am hardening the fabric and sewing sculptures together. The experiment with textiles is far from over. There is still a lot to discover here. I will definitely continue this.
Observation was a topic that often came up in the lessons, observing heads, lines, colors, but also observing other people's work. I have become more aware of the way I look toward things, but I am not yet sure if will stay this way. Details attract my attention less, large constructions, shapes and lines are more interesting to me. I wonder if this statement also applies contextually to my practice. I am interested in group forming, social institutions and politics, but I think it is extremely important that we do not lose sight of the individual story. I see this as one of the great tasks of art. I only find details interesting when they are part of a larger system. This brings me to another subject that I consider of great importance : the human body. The human body is by far the most discussed subject in art. Nevertheless, I think it is important to note this. Without really thinking about this, I have always tried to capture the human body. In recent months I have found out that this characteristic is of great importance to my work. the process of decay was a topic that came up more often in my work. In the autonomous lessons I tried out different ways of composing material, but this was also reflected in the work I made about elderly homes for the final work of drawing and notetation.

the emphasis on observation has also made me look at my own work differently. I've learned that every aspect of your work should be a choice, and if you decide not to make a choice, that's a choice too. I want to continue this conscience while creating. The process in which I work has also changed, I used to plan out every aspect of the work in detail, then I started working. When I ran out of ideas, I would wait for a new idea to come along. I learned that through work, my hands naturally found the next step. By working with the material, the possibilities appeared automatically. In this process I have to make the choice to continue, to stop or to go in a different direction.

There are also things that I could have done better. As I mentioned earlier, painting didn’t feel as exciting as is it did before. As a result, I spent less time on the painting assignments. In the propadeuse year I have the opportunity to develop myself in different areas. I don't want to lose sight of painting just yet and divide my time more fairly between the subjects. In the coming semester I want to give more context to my work. Until now, most of my works have been mainly visually interesting. I don't know yet how much value I attach to concept, but I think it is certainly important to investigate this. The weeks at school felt like an express train. In the offline week the pace slowed. I continued working on the assignments, but the weeks at home were less educational. I want give my online weeks to be moreproductive.

Finally, I look back positively on the past semester. I have learned about my own practicals and I already know better in which direction I want to go with my work, but at the same time I have to prevent myself from closing doors too quickly.